If your credit score is above 620, we may be able to help you choose a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac home loan. Both are GSEs, or Government Sponsored Enterprises. They aren’t much different from each other when it comes to what they do, but they were chartered by Congress at different times. They do not lend money to the public directly; instead, they guarantee mortgage securities or buy mortgages from lenders. Then, these mortgages are bundled with loans with similar terms.

These mortgages guarantee that, if a mortgage defaults, they will pay the rest of the loan to investors who buy the mortgage-backed security. This encourages more investors to invest in the marketplace. They also offer low down-payment loan programs to assist families with a lower income.

You can purchase a home, and you can do it with our help. At Austin’s Lender, we provide the benefits only more than 50 years of experience can give. We serve everyone in need of lending, regardless of where they have been. At the end of the day, we believe in helping our clients create a perfect future. Get in touch with us today to learn more about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, as well as how they may apply to you.