Jumbo home loans are loans that exceed the conforming loan limit. Austin’s Lender is unique in that we offer conventional loans up to $726,525 before looking at Jumbo options. But when it comes to Jumbo lending – Austin’s Lender shines. We have a wide variety of both traditional and non-traditional Jumbo loan programs that allow us to offer the well deserving client the absolute best overall loan program and rates. In addition, we have programs for the clients who may need a lower down payment, higher debt-to-income ratio and even programs for clients with lower credit scores who have experienced a bump in their financial road in the past.

No matter what life has thrown your way, you deserve happiness and peace of mind. At Austin’s Lender – Curran Mortgage, we believe in doing all we can to help you find the right home and purchase it with confidence.

With incredible rates that can only be topped by our commitment to communication with our clients, we know we are the right team for your lending needs. Get in touch today to get started.